Prickly Pear Climate Driven Mission

Mission For One Million

Erem believes we should look to ecosystems thriving in hot and resource-scarce conditions for solutions to our planet's most pressing, climate-driven challenges. That’s why, to start, we’ve committed to planting 1 million prickly pear, which have huge potential in the fight against climate change, using proceeds from every product we sell.

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Capture Carbon

Prickly pear sequester 400 lbs of CO2 per cactus per year. This means that meeting our goal will remove the equivalent of 40,000 cars from the road each year!

Tackle Food Scarcity

Every year prickly pear cacti produce an abundance of delicious fruit and pads that we can use to feed hungry people that need this nutrition the most.

Save Water

Prickly pear can thrive using just a tiny fraction of the water that other plants need. This means we can grow fruit and capture CO2 while saving our rivers.

By The Numbers


Prickly pear cacti planted in the ground by Erem


Prickly pear water efficiency compared to an orange tree


Funded to
underwrite first farm


Lbs of CO2 that 1M prickly pear would capture annually

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