Introducing the Gila Sandal

The ultimate sandal for outdoor adventure. Made with game-changing sustainability.

The Most Sustainable Sandal Ever.

Introducing the Gila (HEE-luh) Sandal, the first sandal on the market to be made with Biocircular materials. With TENCEL™ straps, biodegradable rubber soles, and an emphasis on disassembly for a responsible afterlife, this sandal will be the best performing, most environmentally friendly sandal ever made. Sign up for our Kickstarter Pre-Launch email list to get updates about our progress and to be notified on our launch!


Do you know what's in your sandal?

The Gila sandal redefines sustainability in footwear. Every part of our sandal has a path back to nature, making it 100% Biocircular. Most sandals today are made with a variety of petroleum and plastic-based materials, and can take hundreds to thousands of years to break down in a landfill. Not ours.

Straps & Hardware

Straps & Webbing
The straps & webbing are made of TENCEL yarn which is sourced from wood pulp and made using a closed-loop production process. The resulting fiber is certified as compostable and biodegradable under industrial, home, soil, and marine conditions and has exceptional performance capabilities and strength.

Thread is made from natural cotton and used to sew our straps together.

Made from Zinc, the hardware designed specifically for the Gila sandal can be indefinitely recycled without losing its performance properties, and is far more durable than plastic.


Bio-rubber is used to create the cupsole and topcoer of the sandal. It contains FSC certified recycled natural rubber and proprietary, added biodegradability accelerator that enables biodegration in 7 years or less in an active compost environment.

Made from 99% natural cork and 1% natural latex making it a superior performing and lightweight cushion.

Biodegradable Glue
Performance adhesive that surpasses industry standards and is specially designed to safely break down at the end of its life.

From the Design Team

Pete Lankford
Director of Design

There are a lot of sandals out there, though none seem to be a perfect solution. Some brands are stuck with the design choices that put them on the map long ago. Other lines are so minimalist that they severely underdeliver on comfort.

In the middle of too much and too little we saw a blank space for a straightforward sandal platform based on honest materials, self-evident construction, and a strap design that works simply, but better.

The result aligns with our philosophy of "forgotten" design. That when a useful design lives up to its potential, you'll forget it's even there. Like a well considered, time-tested tool it does its job quietly leaving you to focus on what matters.

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