Work with Erem

We've partnered with the leader in affiliate marketing technology, Avantlink, to offer an interactive affiliate program. We provide our affiliate partners with an assortment of display and text ads focused on delivering our story of performance and sustainable design. Our product line is inspired by the desert, which means it will outperform in every other environment. They also meet our Biocircular standards which means all materials used in their construction have a proven, safe path back to nature.

Desert Inspired Performance

At Erem, our boots are made to embrace the rugged terrain and extreme temperature shifts of our magnificent deserts. Made from 100% eco-friendly materials, our breathable hiking boots allow your feet to stay comfortable and protected while reducing the risk of blistering or injury from hiking. Their durable design allows you to take on the toughest desert hiking adventures with confidence because Erem boots were made for the desert.

Affiliate Benefits

Competitive Base Commission

Our affiliates receive up to15% commission, depending on volume, publisher type, and/or audience following.

Regular Promotions

Not only will you have access to regular price, code, and following promotions, but we'll also offer increased commissions during special events. We'll be in regular contact with you to let you know what's coming up!

Average Order Value $180+

In a commission-based relationship, average order value can be important. In the consumer footwear space, we have one of the highest AOV's on offer for affiliates.

New Product Releases

Erem is a rapidly growing brand that will be bringing new products to the market at a rapid pace in the coming months. You'll never have a shortage of content to promote from Erem.

30-Day Attribution

You'll get credit for click-throughs for up to 30 days after a purchaser visited our site from your platform.

Free Shipping on All Products

Even when we're running promotions, buyers never pay shipping on Erem boots or Marketplace orders over $50.

Powerful Story

For the content creators out there, the Erem story is a powerful one. Led by a 4th-generation bootmaker and driven by the urge to disrupt the outdoor industry's tendency to use products that poison the very nature that they serve; Erem stands to create a new standard of product design built to last without sacrificing nature.