We are Desert Storytellers

Erem® was born out of a love for the desert. We are inspired by its unending beauty, expansive landscapes, and the sense of awe that it bestows on those who are called to explore this magnificent place. The desert invokes an unparalleled sense of adventure, and we believe that it has the power to connect – and reconnect – human beings with their wild, natural side.

Quality Footwear Inspired by the Desert

At Erem, we don’t just know the desert, we also know boots. We were founded by a fourth-generation bootmaker from the family behind the iconic Timberland brand. Using this knowledge and expertise, we wanted to do something a little different. We don’t just make any outdoor boots – we build footwear for extreme conditions. That’s what makes us stand out. From hiking boots that are perfect for a day on the trail to tall hiking boots that can take on the spikes of any cactus, our footwear is sustainably made for any adventure.


Connection to Nature

We live in a world that is more connected than ever. However, these connections are also more shallow than ever. We want to change that. We believe that if people spent more time in the desert – not on their phone, but truly in the desert – the world would be better for it. By forcing a new perspective, the desert places adventurers in conversation with themselves, inspiring them to consider their individual journeys and their place within the wider world.


Loving the desert doesn’t just mean exploring its many trails, it also means supporting Biocircular practices that keep the desert the wild, untouched place that it should be. Made with 100% eco-friendly materials, our boots can be returned to nature at the end of their lifespan, or they can get the “Reboot” and be re-streamed into new, desert-ready boots all over again. We’ve also committed to planting one million cactus pear cacti, which have huge potential in the fight against climate change. A percentage of every product we sell goes towards this mission. Our passionate team of gear junkies, activists, and desert rats is motivated every day to produce the best, most environmentally sustainable desert footwear possible. If you are one of the millions of explorers who are drawn to the magic and spirit that only the desert holds, Erem is for you.


Noah Swartz

Founder & CEO

Jax Mustafa

VP of Marketing

Emily Macon

Marketing Coordinator

Nick Wheeler

Director of Growth Marketing

Jeff LaBonte

Senior Marketing Manager

Pete Lankford

Director of Product Design & Sustainability

Sam Fisher

Director of Operations

Sofia DeWolfe

Digital Marketing Manager

Ted Witman

Director of Product Development & Sourcing