About Us

Our Story

Erem was started by a fourth generation bootmaker with the goal of building superior desert gear using only materials and constructions with 100% proven paths back to nature

The desert is the most demanding environment on Earth. Because of this, it has influenced and inspired the human spirit (and the Erem team) for thousands of years. The temperature can swing 60 degrees in less than 24 hours. Explorers routinely carry 20+ pounds of water to stay hydrated on just a two-day adventure. Trails are crowded with unforgiving plants like teddy bear cholla and cowboy killer agave. And yet dwellers and adventurers around the world and throughout time have all found in the beauty, extremes, and vastness of the desert a sacred and inspiring place to encounter themselves and nature.

If you are one of the millions who ventures out into the desert each year allured by the sights, sounds, silences, and encounters waiting to be experienced, then our team of gear junkies, environmentalists, and desert rats is building Erem for you.