Your adventures can’t be slowed down by the wrong footwear. When hiking in the desert, you want a pair of hiking boots that keep your feet comfortable and protected while exploring the rocky terrain and unforgiving heat. Erem® hiking boots are durable, breathable, and sustainable. Up your adventure with hiking boots that are inspired by the desert to perform everywhere.

Sustainable & Breathable Hiking Boots

Not all outdoor boots are created equal. When hiking in the desert, this becomes especially obvious. At Erem®, we are building for the desert, and have created the first sustainable desert hiking boot. Desert terrain is unforgiving, your feet need to handle the extremes of high heat, rocky terrain, and sand. Erem hiking boots feature a durable, single-piece rubber sole to protect your feet while also offering maximum comfort for your explorations. Our rugged yet breathable boots are built for the extremes. Choose from the standard height Xerocole hiking boot or the Expedition tall hiking boot for extreme, off-trail adventures.