Durable, breathable, and adventure-ready, you need hiking boots that can hold up to your most challenging excursions. Ramble over rocky terrain and traverse dust and debris with ease, experience your best adventures with Erem® boots.

Breathable Boots for the Desert

You deserve the best desert hiking boot, designed to withstand every adventure. Not just any outdoor boot can withstand 100 degrees at high noon and 25 degrees at night. At Erem®, our boots are made to embrace the rugged terrain and extreme temperatures of our magnificent deserts. Made from 100% eco-friendly materials, our breathable hiking boots allow your feet to stay comfortable and protected while reducing the risk of blistering or injury from hiking. Their durable design allows you to take on the toughest desert hiking adventures with confidence because Erem boots were made for the desert.

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Hike Sustainably

Erem is on a mission to raise the sustainability bar ever higher, starting with our new Biocircular standard.

Official Footwear of the Arizona Trail

Erem® is proud to be the footwear of choice for the 800 mile Arizona Trail, and to partner with the Arizona Trail Association to promote responsible desert recreation and education.

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3rd Party Verified

Erem® partners with expert 3rd parties to help us audit and verify that we are achieving each of the goals we set for ourselves.

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Meet the Bootmakers

Each Xerocole® is hand-crafted in a European factory with a long history of excellence.

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