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The Erem™ Marketplace

The Erem journey has taken our team to some pretty cool places and allowed us to meet some really amazing people. We started Marketplace because while we are gearheads on a mission to build the products we wish existed in terms of both desert performance and sustainability, turns out that our team also has strong opinions and preferences when it comes to the best coffee to bring hiking, the best method for removing cactus spines from our canine roommates, how to beat a sunburn, and more. 

Marketplace is really just a logical extension of what our team was already doing for fun. And while launching a marketplace for our favorite products at the same time as we were launching our own new brand required a bit of extra effort, we made the decision to ‘go for it’ on a team hike one afternoon in the Sonoran desert not too far out from Tucson where the endless sky makes you think pretty big...As with most decisions made under the influence of the desert heavens -- we think pursuing this was a good choice and haven’t looked back since. 

One quick note about Marketplace -- while its a collection of our favorite, all-things-desert-stuff, we are particularly interested in presenting you the best local businesses and products that share our philosophy about the importance of always seeking to positively impact people, place, and planet. And given our strait-out obsession with prickly pear (check out this page if you aren’t familiar with our our plan to plant 1M prickly pear), we are of course always on the hunt for amazing products made from our favorite cacti. 

If you have a favorite desert ‘item’ or local business that you think we should include in our marketplace, let us know! We’re always on the lookout for great stuff and values-aligned people to partner with.

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