Hiking Boot of the AZ National Scenic Trail

Official Hiking Boot of the AZ National Scenic Trail

The Arizona National Scenic Trail is an 800 mile long path that stretches from the US-Mexico border in the south all the way up to the Utah border in the north. This lengthy jewel of a trail traverses the entire state of Arizona while connecting deserts, mountains, forests, canyons, wilderness, history, communities and people. The AZT is one of the most epic trails in the world, and helps connect hundreds of thousands of people in the Southwest to the outdoors every year.



And so it's a bit of an understatement to say that we at Erem are excited to be the official footwear of the Arizona Trail and that we will be donating 1% of our profits to the Arizona Trail Association (ATA), an amazing nonprofit organization whose mission is to protect, maintain, enhance, promote and sustain the Arizona Trail. It takes an incredibly tough and hard working crew to keep an exceptional trail like this in good condition; we are honored to partner with them and be recognized by them as the official boots of the trail.

Check out our Guide to Hiking the Arizona Trail.

Maintaining the trail is no simple pursuit; neither is hiking its entire 800 mile length. Think about this way: people train for months to complete just a Grand Canyon Rim to Rim (hiking from one rim of the Big Ditch to the other). While a legitimately awesome achievement, a Rim to Rim hike represents only a tiny fraction of the 43 trail ‘stages’ of the Arizona Trail. It takes weeks to hike the AZT from end to end...good thing Erem’s boots, the official footwear of the trail, are built to breathe, protect your feet, and provide comfort for years!


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