Ode to our new favorite lip balm

Ode to our new favorite lip balm

The Situation...

You’ve spent a killer day playing on slickrock, exploring canyons, or simply lounging around your favorite swimming hole and now you’re opening your mouth to take a big well-earned bite of a massive camp cooked burrito when it happens… the dreaded sun scorched lip split.

No more smiling for you my friend.

Big hearty belly laughs? Nope, off the table for the next few days too.

Kissing? Ha, not with that crunchy lil situation.

And you might as well forget about eating anything with a hint of jalapeno or spice.

Many times have I layered up a new SPF lip balm pre-adventure only to discover the next day that it had failed me entirely. The scaly lip split is something almost all desert adventurers have experienced and it is ROUGH… but also totally avoidable

Lip Balm born in the desert

Let us introduce you to our new must-have essential item, the moisturizing and protecting little tube of awesomeness that is J Tree life Lip Balm.

Established in 2001, Joshua Tree Skin Care or “JTree” offers a wide variety of lip balms, healing salves and face sticks designed specifically for people who lead an active outdoor lifestyle. All of their incredible goodies are made using a unique process of slow-roasting the finest organic herbs that are combined with other natural ingredients, including beeswax and cocoa butter. Major bonus: they're all Petroleum free!

Basically JTree is a one stop shop skin care and healthy living hub. In their own words…

“We empower those who lead an active outdoor lifestyle by producing high quality organic skin care essentials that support an active outdoor lifestyle”.

Our current fave ( and marketplace feature item) is the Desert Shimmers balm. Why? Because you get broad spectrum SPF 10 protection, desert inspired subtle color, a whole slew of skin loving ingredients, and just enough light shimmer to make you feel snazzy. It’s also got a dose of Pure Vanilla Extract, which not only tastes lovely but has been known to even reduce stress and aid in wound healing. You’re also dealing with less beeswax ( no goopy residue) and 100% organic moisturizing ingredients that’ll give your lips tons of love. We’re talking Cocoa Butter, Coconut Oil, and Vitamin E just to name a few. We also really dig the new slim fit tube! With a lower profile it’s way more comfortable and resists unscrewing in your pocket.

Bottom Line:

These folks know what they’re doing when it comes to natural skin care. They describe themselves as “ an all-in-one skin care and healthy living hub” and if you take just a few mins to browse their site you’ll see why that’s pretty darn accurate. All of their incredible products are made in the desert paradise of Joshua Tree and they passionately display their genuine desert love in all of their products from the OG climbing salve to their lotions and lip balms.

Consider the desert shimmers your entry into the wonderful world of JT Life bodycare, don’t blame us when you catch yourself stocking up on items to treat yourself from head to toe.

Available in the Erem Marketplace now!

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