Thai Peanut Slaw

Farm to Summit: Thai Peanut Slaw

Behold, your new favorite adventure meal! 

Ask any Desert Rat and they will happily tell you about the many challenges in the world of backcountry cooking. But the awesome crew at Farm to Summit has basically solved them all. Seriously:

  • Tired of eating boring rice and pasta again and again while adventuring out in the wilderness? The Thai Peanut Slaw is jam-packed with nutritious, colorful, and crisp veggies and is genuinely delicious.

  • Is it too toasty outside to feel like eating a steaming meal OR maybe you are out in the desert and boiling water isn’t accessible? Finally, a cold-soak option that makes prep easy breezy and that treats you to a refreshing and flavor-packed meal. 

  • Concerned, like us, about the wasteful packaging of traditional food products? Farm to Summit only uses Omnidegradable® packaging for their goods. Omnidegradable packaging is an awesome innovation that leaves behind “only water, CO2, and a small amount of Organic biomass, all beneficial to plant growth.” Pretty earth awesome huh? Pairs nicely with a pair of Biocircular™ Erem boots...

And, to top it all off,  Farm to Summit also works with local farmers to use delicious yet visually imperfect produce (that would otherwise go to waste) in their recipes. Food waste is a massive issue in our country, so using all of those perfectly good but maybe not perfectly Instagrammable veggies is a great step in helping to combat a big problem while also supporting local communities. 

Last weekend our team discovered just how incredible a sandwich one can make when combining a hearty layer of this Thai Peanut Slaw with some spicy tuna on a few slices of hearty, whole grain bread. Come up with another awesome way to use this slaw? Let us know!

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