Erem Reboot Program

Erem Reboot Program - Reboot and Reuse

We are currently setting up our online checkout that will make the Reboot process for getting your Xerocoles repaired feel as easy as a cool evening breeze coming off the Sangre De Cristos on an early spring day. Until then, if you have any questions or need more info, get in touch with us!

But in case you are wondering “why does Erem design our boots to be repaired?” Good question!

The traditional linear model of “buy, wear, product fails, and then trash” isn’t working. Especially when it comes to the desert, which will chew up and destroy gear that normally holds up in other environments. The linear model isn’t good for your wallet, and isn’t good for the planet. At Erem, we pursue a better model that we call Biocircular in which we turn sustainable materials into best-in-class performance products for the desert that can be used and reused infinite numbers of times but that always have a path back to nature should they fall out of the cycle of use (68% of Americans don’t recycle so we feel this path back to nature is a critical feature that some circular models don’t necessarily address).

The Xerocole collection is repairable so that your boots can be extraordinarily useful to you, longer. Repairable means you spend less money (if you successfully wear down the 6mm lugs on the Xerocole outsole (good luck), they can be replaced without you having to buy a whole new pair of boots), and means fewer resources consumed. A perfect example of the true “win-wins” that we can achieve together in the shift away from the typical, linear model.



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