Environmental Accountability

Environmental Accountability

Sometimes setting a new standard in sustainability requires innovation and shaking things up. The Biocircular Xerocole collection does just this -- from the compound of our rubber to the thread used to stitch our boots, each material in these boots has a proven path back to nature and allows the boots to be re-streamed into new, tough-as-cactus footwear at the end of its useful life. The Xerocole collection is also repairable through the Erem Reboot program. 

Sometimes, though, progress in sustainability comes from paying attention to the details and leaving no stone uncovered. In our world of global commerce, supply chains can be pretty complicated leading even people with the best of intentions to make mistakes or misunderstand an input. This is why Erem partners with expert 3rd parties to help us audit, verify, and certify that we are achieving each of the ambitious goals we set for ourselves. 

We are proud to be the first outdoor performance company to partner with Toxnot, an industry-leading, third-party technology company, in order to improve environmental compliance and transparency in our company’s supply chain. You know how sometimes food ingredient lists say things like 99.9% organic and .1% “other”? Well, we’re the type of people that cares about what that .1% other is and know that you are too; Toxnot is the solution that helps us uncover each of those little .1% things so that we can really understand what goes into our products. 

First, Toxnot helps Erem gather extensive data inputs from our suppliers. Then, Toxnot is able to cross references each of these inputs with their exhaustive, proprietary database to make sure there are no red flags we need to address with our supply chain partners, and that each material meets Erem’s Biocircular standards.

Bottom-line: ignorance may be bliss, but we feel it is not the right way to run a supply chain.

Erem is on a mission to do things differently. We are at the early stages of our supply chain accountability journey and have a lot we still need to accomplish. We’ll keep you posted along the way as we hit new milestones, and invite you to reach out for more info at any time!

--The Erem Team
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