Best Cups 'O Joe in Southern Utah

Best Cups 'O Joe in Southern Utah

Given the choice, we prefer our coffee out in the wilds somewhere sitting in a camp chair with a killer view. But sometimes after a long day of being out on the trail (or a long trail day ahead of you) getting a good beverage in a cozy cafe just hits the spot and gives you a perfect opportunity to sit back, relax, and appreciate the adventures of the day. Made us think that maybe it would be fun to share some of our favorite desert rat coffee stops with you, so here we go..

Kiva Coffeehouse: Escalante, UT

As you carve through the ivory and sunset hued canyons of Escalante you’ll slice around a curve overlooking the river with it’s brilliant green cottonwoods and you’ll catch a peek of a very unique looking structure. Welcome to Kiva Coffeehouse, home of the best dirty chai you’ll ever get your hands on. The view? Absolutely gorgeous and laid out before you through huge windows that wrap around the whole front of the structure. The architecture? Stunning interpretation of a Native American kiva constructed from ponderosa pine and sandstone all sourced locally. The cafe? Full of delicious coffee, tea, iced bevs, and a rotating menu of baked goods and lunch items. And the best part? They stock some of the most unique and gorgeous locally made jewelry we've ever seen. Nothing wrong with picking up a lovingly handcrafted ring made from local stones to go with that latte.

Kiva Coffee House

River Rock Roasting: La Verkin, UT

This place is far from an under the radar spot, but that's for a very good reason. There will probably be a line there and the parking lot may be a bit packed but none of that matters because the canyon views from the back deck, delightful quiche blossoms, and killer coffee are more than worth the effort. We especially love that they source their coffee beans from fair-trade and environmentally sustainable farms. Not only is this place home to a variety of great coffee bevs but they also have a robust lunch menu (with an incredible Thai pizza) and some stellar local brews. They’re about a 30 min drive from Zion but the La Verkin area makes a great alternative to the more hectic town of Springdale that's just outside the park. After a long day of hiking, plopping down on their deck to sip iced coffee is a well deserved reward. If you can time your visit to line up with sunset then you’ll be treated to something downright magical.

 Utah Canyon Outdoors: Escalante, UT

Are you a fan of cool, artist-drawn stickers, great coffee, and bookshelves full of local literature, guide books, and regional history? OK then this place should definitely be a planned stop on your way through the nifty little town of Escalante, UT. This quirky, artsy little shop envelops you in a fun, outdoorsy, energy before you even get through the door. The cheery front porch area welcomes you right in with its brightly colored paint and array of native plants popping up from the desert rocks. Once you’re inside you’ll probably be surprised with the expertly curated selection of outdoor gear on offer, even though you won’t be finding Erem in there (yet…) Oh, and please make time to check out their book section, it’s stocked with all sorts of intriguing titles to fill you in on Canyon Country and the Southwest region. Also of note, these folks also provide river shuttle services and some rad guided trips!


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