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The Xerocole (pronounced Zee-Ra-Kohl) is our desert hiking boot designed for adventures in the world’s most challenging and rewarding terrain. The new standard in sustainable footwear, the Biocircular Xerocole™ leaves only footprints behind.

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"Their new, sustainable boot is a radical departure... Erem, a new footwear brand, is a fascinating experiment in how to create a sustainable product from the get-go."

"Each boot does look ideal for desert wear. The robust outsole with a thick toe cap looks great for traction and weathering against scuffs. The gusseted tongue should help keep the sand out, and the boots’ relatively low weight promises to combat fatigue from bogging down in deep sand."

"We've got an eye on the Xerocole desert hiking boot — it's biocircular, meaning three things: its materials have 100 percent proven paths back to nature, it is repairable through the Erem Reboot program, and it can be re-streamed into new boots once it has reached the end of its life."

"A solid hiking boot, made for performance and comfort in and around cacti, boulders, and hardy shrubs landscapes, is just what your adventuresome soul needs."

"A proper boot is a timeless and classic accessory, and Erem’s new Xerocole Boot adds environmental innovation on top of desert-ready performance...The Erem Xerocole is the future of sustainable footwear, whose ability to be created and recreated mirrors a family’s legacy for blazing trails across generations."

"At the end of an 11-hour day, my feet were surprisingly happy, due in part to the shock-absorbing cork footbed which provided ample cushioning and support....The materials breathe well; mesh canvas and reverse full-grain leather combine for ultimate comfort and rugged wearability (durability), with ample padding at the ankle and tongue. On the trail, the boots are sturdy without being stiff and move well with the foot. The rubber sole is just grippy enough without being overblown, made of 70 percent recycled materials..."

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"They're perfect for eco-minded desert lovers."

"biocircularity is the next frontier of the sustainability conversation."

"Built for desert hikes, this boot from new brand Erem is designed to handle sand, cactus spines, and a range of temperatures. The 70 percent recycled rubber sole features arrow-shaped lugs for maximum traction, while the cork footbed absorbs shock."

"Thanks to its stitched upper, the boot is incredibly breathable... Additionally, a shock-absorbent insole sits on a cork footbed that molds to your foot, ensuring comfort on even the longest of hikes...If you’re looking to take a trek through some sandy paths over the next few months, either of these boots from this brand-new name in the field sure looks capable of checking off every box.

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A New Sustainability Standard

Biocircular means that we make our products using only materials with proven paths back to nature and that we provide each Erem® product a seamless and responsible next life.

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Official Hiking Boots Of The Arizona Trail

Nothing is more demanding on your gear than 800 miles of desert extremes. Experience the outdoors with products rated for the AZT. Erem® has committed 1% of profits to this incredible trail.

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Every Purchase Helps Plant A Cactus Pear

Cactus pear can help solve some of the world's biggest problems. Erem® has committed to planting 1M of these cacti using proceeds from every purchase.

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